Guyatone Forever!

写真は弊社STUDIO CANTINA所蔵のグヤトーンです。アンプがGA-1050 Reverb Jazz。1969年発売。Fender Twin Reverb シルバーフェースのコピーですが、サウンドはブラックフェース寄りと言われています。アンプの上のエフェクターは左から順に、PS-104(オートワウ)、PS-101 Phase Sonix(フェイザー)、HTD-1(チューブディストーション)、PS-009 (オクターバー)。
Multi Octaver flash bankruptcy report
We regret that Guyatone of Tokyo Sound Co. suspended its business as of Jan. 31, 2013.
Due to Teikoku Data Bank’s flash bankruptcy report, total debts are 220 million yen, which is approximately 2.5 million US dollar. Fiscal 2012 sales was shrunk to 130 million yen (about USD 1.5M) from 1.0 billion yen (about USD11M) in fiscal 1990.
We have several Guyatone instruments in the STUDIO CANTINA, our laboratory space. The amplifier on the picture is ’69 Reverb Jazz. It’s a copry of silverface Twin Reverb. Pedals are PS-104 Cross Over Auto Wah, PS-101 Rolly Phase Sonic, HTD-1 Tube Distortion and PS-009 Multi Octaver.

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